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Fiddle a violin that is referred to as a fiddle in Scottish Music
March 2 beats per bar/4 beats per bar
Pipe Band bagpipes and drums (snare and bass drums mainly)
Military band consists of wind and brass instruments
Bagpipes contain.... a drone
Double stopping when you use more than 2 strings on a string instrument to create a chord
Vamp an oom-cha baseline
Scots Snap ta-daah
Accordion Scottish musical instrument you compress and decompress to make a sound. Has a keyboard and buttons.
Major key "Happy" key
Minor key "Sad" key
Snare drum one of the drums in a pipe band
Jig 6/8 fast "riggety jiggety"
Compound time two dotted crotchets- six quavers
Scottish dance band consists of accordion, piano, double bass, drumkit and fiddle
Fiddle orchestra an orchestra made up of fiddles accompanied by a rhythm section of double bass, piano etc.
Folk groups a scottish music band in a traditional style with guitars
Folk rock traditional music in a rock music style
Strathspey In 4/4 quite slow, contains a Scots Snap
Reel 4/4 fast dance
Binary form Tune A and tune B. The piece contains two sections
Waltz 3 beats per bar. A dance
Gaelic Psalms One person leads the tune and everybody else follows
Waulking Song you hear a constant beat (of the cloth) and a call and response
Mouth music the voice imitates instrumental music
Scots Ballad a song in strophic form that tells a story, usually about a disaster
Strophic form the same music is repeated for every verse
Bothy Ballad Solo voice sings the verse, everybody sings the chorus. Contains nonsense syllables. In strophic form. Was sung by farm workers.
Through-composed Opposite of strophic form- no repetition
Pibroch A very slow piece for the bagpipes which is very ornamented.
Arco Use the bow on a string instrument.
Clarsach a small scottish harp
Rondo a musical form with a recurring leading theme, often found in the final movement of a sonata or concerto
Unison Everybody sings the same thing
Harmony when people sing different parts
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