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Question Answer
What method would you use to separate the salt from sea water? (not keeping the water) Evaporation
What method would you use to separate sand from water? Filtration
What method would you use to separate the colours out of ink? Chromatography
What method would you use to separate two liquids? Distillation
How does evaporation work? When heated the liquid evaporates leaving the solid behind.
How does filtration work? The holes in the filter paper only lets small particles like water through but not insoluble substances.
How does chromatography work? The water as it rises pulls the ink up, the more soluble ink goes to the top and the less soluble ink stays at the bottom.
How does distillation work? The 2 liquids should have different boiling points, so when you heat it to 100˚C the water evaporates then condenses to form pure water but the other liquid stays.