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K101 Characteristics of Institutions (Goffman, 1968)
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K101 Home as a place for care
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K101 Block 1 Unit 1 "Who Cares"
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Question Answer
The biomedical model of illness Anwar Malik: diabetes treated with medication, e.g. insulin LG2
The biopsychosocial model of illness Anwar Malik: The need to take into account his response to the diagnosis of diabetes and the impact it will have on his life – e.g. diet and exercise.
The sick role Anwar Malik. Needs to follow the advice he I given by the diabetes clinic. Sam Wilkinson. As you cannot recover from diabetes Sam’s’ obligation is to try to manage his diabetes.
Primary care When Anwar Malic visits his GP
Secondary services Anwar being referred to the diabetes clinic
Direct payments User’s experiences of Direct Payments in the Resource book (no 4)
Personalisation See Bryan and June, Clarice, Aerwyn and Lynn who use Somebody Cares Agency
Social model of disability Veronica and David Bertie (Resources Book)
Characteristics of the (care) environment Evelina children’s hospital
Transitions in care Pam Barette Alice jones
Total Institution Cedar Court
Abuse Alan Harris at Raglan House Bedroom abuse at Cedar Court
When can confidentiality be breached? Christine’s concerns about Amy and Zac
Accountability Codes of Conduct