k101 - transitions - changing places

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k101 - transitions - changing places
  1. Transitions - daily (day centre), occasionally (respite care), short term (foster care), long term (care home)
    1. Daily transitions in H&SC require regular & frequent adjustment between people & settings. Requires planning & support from carers.
      1. Example - Alice Jones - autistic teenager - daily transition from home/school, class/assembly/playground/dining hall, school/home, home/church
        1. Needs - avoids/delays change, time to prepare, difficulty connecting to social environments, copes with change my following strict routine, gives her sense of control & identity, cannot be hurried, familiar people important,
    2. Foster care planning - info about foster carer, visit to carers home, favourite possessions brought (not always possible in emergency placements)
      1. Example - Simon, 5, visual impairment, sent to boarding school.
        1. Major turning point. Separation from mother was traumatic. Experienced loss.
      2. Supporting young people through key transitions include proper preparation & introduction.
        1. Alison Petch (managing transitions magazine)
          1. importance of time (ongoing support to enable adjustment)
            1. information to review options
              1. support to enable individuals to control decision making
                1. discussion of budgets/finances
                  1. recognition of individual preferences/choices
                    1. recognition of personal life histories/diversity of cultural needs
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