K101 Home as a place for care

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K101 Home as a place for care
  1. Housing can present physical barriers for people carrying out everyday activities & caring for others
    1. Home maintenance & improvements often required over time as peoples needs for care & support change
      1. Design & layout of home can make it inaccessible - a disabling environment
        1. Adaptions to home can remove barriers and make it more enabling
          1. Assistive technology may enable more people to maintain autonomy & stay in own homes
            1. Continuing to live at home when possible is good for peoples wellbeing
              1. Impairment - physical, intellectual or medical
                1. Disability - arises out of nature of the environment
                  1. Social model of disability - arises out of nature of environment
                    1. Medical model - individual limitations create disability
                      1. Barriers - environment, attitudinal, structural
                        1. Environment - design & layout of buildings
                          1. Attitudinal - views people without disabilities hold
                            1. Structural- nature of society, laws, entitlements, services
                            2. Example - Bertie, 82. Adapts home to help support wife who uses wheelchair. Bed downstairs, stair lift, height of tv, bo-fold doors in toilet, slope of driveway, changed height of milk container.
                              1. Example - Veronica & David. Stair lift. Accessible shower, toilet & bidet, ramp to garden, electric chair
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