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Fun Trivia for all, and will be able to play with friends as teammates or go solo.
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Thank you for choosing the 2021 P.E Distance Learning Trivia! I hope that this brain teaser will help you not only to get physically and mentally fit but also have the chance to socialize with your friends or family!
Rules Of The Game 1) No googling the answers (Can discuss with teammates if you choose to play Team v.s Team) 2) If you get a question right, gain 1 point, and if you get a question wrong you lose a point and have to dance for 30 sec or do yoga Keep track of your points on a piece of paper 3) If you play as a team, you can only have a max of 3 people per team 4) At the end of the trivia count up your points, and the player(s) with the most points win, and get bragging rights :)
How Often Should You Exercise? A: 1 Hour/Day B: 1 Hour/Week C: 1 Hour/Month The correct answer was “A”! You can play soccer, jump rope, learn martial arts... anything that gets you up and moving, you can also dance with family or friends! ( Add a point now if you chose A ! )
Do I Have To Go To A Gym To Be Fit? A: Yes, only going to the gym counts as exercise. B: No, simple activities like walking up the stairs can keep you healthy. C: Yes, and it must have an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The correct answer was “B” Turn on some music and bust a move, find a ball and invent a new game, race your friend to the top of the hill. The possibilities are endless! ( Add a point now if you chose B !)
If can't play outside after school, what should I do? A: Forget about exercising B: Dance to music, do some stretches, or try yoga! C: Watch people exercise on TV The correct answer was “B” You don’t have to exercise outside. There are lots of ways to get moving inside! (Add a point if you chose B!)
What happens to your body when you exercise? A: Your voice gets louder B: Your brain gets 20% bigger C: Your blood flow increases The answer was “C” Increasing blood flow helps your heart and lungs work better, and gets more oxygen to your brain so you can think better! (Add a point if you chose C!)
How long can I watch TV or play on the computer each day? A: Only half an hour B: Up to 2 Hours C: 3 Hours or more The correct answer was “B” Experts recommend limiting your TV or computer time to 2 hours per day. When that time is up, get up and get moving! (Add a point if you chose B!)
When exercising, it's important to stay hydrated. To stay hydrated means? A: To drink plenty of water B: To take frequent breaks C: To keep moving The correct answer was “A” When you're movin' and groovin', you're sweating, too! Make sure you drink plenty of water. (Add a point if you chose A!)
What is the benefit of doing exercise each day? A: Whiter Teeth B: Bigger Ears C: Feeling Good The correct answer was “C” When you exercise, your brain releases chemicals called endorphins, which make you feel happier. How cool is that? (Add a point if you chose C!)
Why should I maintain exercising each day and keeping physically fit? A: I’ll have more energy and I won’t get sick as often B: I’ll become famous C: I can watch more sports on TV The correct answer was “A” Staying fit keeps your heart healthy and your body strong so you can avoid injuries and fight off disease! (Add a point if you chose A!)
What does a Pedometer measure? A: Weight B: Steps C: Energy The correct answer was “B” A pedometer measures the number of steps you take in a day. Challenge your friends and see who can be the most active! (Add a point if you chose B!)
What percentage (%) of people, ages 6-21 are not vigorously active on a daily basis? A: 15-25% B: 25-50% C: 50-75% The correct answer was “B” Nearly 25-50% of all young people ages 6-21 are not vigorously active on a daily basis. This means on average about 50% of students are not physically active. (Add a point if you chose B!)
Now add up all your points and see which one of you won the famous: P.E Distance Learning Trivia 2021!!!
Extra Songs to listen to while exercising on the next slides !!! 1) https://bit.ly/376zNJs 2) https://bit.ly/379zv4x 3) https://bit.ly/3b21rs7 4) https://bit.ly/2Zopsod
Fun at home activities on the next slide !!! 1) https://bit.ly/3rO8wDz 2) https://bit.ly/2NiWNhm 3)https://bit.ly/2NjaFYX
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