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Organizational change topic - production management.

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What is change management? Change management is a structured approach for ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved.
What are types of changes ? - Initialized by client - Caused by information system developement
What are steps in controlling the change ? Set and agree on new goals Make plans Implement Monitor (from here we can go back to making plans or implementations to make corrections) Review
When is organizational change required ? When there is a need for building a new information system.
What are reasons for organizational change ? Business survival Improving efficiency Competitive advantage External factors
What should we consider when making an organizational change ? Participants in project (stakeholders) Resistance to change Organizational culture
What are two types of people when it comes to organizational change ? D-type (Danger people, those who think change is dangerous) O-type (Opportunity people, those who think change is a new opportunity)
What are four types of people when it comes to organizational change ? (2nd classification) Promoters Opponents Latent opponents Potential promoters
What are four steps in staffs' resistance to change? Denial Resistance Exploration Confidance
What are four types of organizational culture ? Bureaucratic (role) culture Individualistic (person) culture Task culture Power culture
Who are participants in organizational change ? Project managers Project sponsors Team members Change control board
What are steps in change management process ? Change initiation Change evaluation and assignment Change assessment Change authorization Change implementation Change monitoring
What are phases of implementation ? Concept phase (System definition) Design phase (System design) Implementation phase (System implementation and integration) Translation phase (Transfer to operation)
What are some of the approaches for organizational change ? Formal change management Work item stacks Scrum‘s product backlog strategy Work item pools No strategy at all
What is Enterprise Change Management ? Framework to help with operating multiple agile projects simultaneously. Vision of change to motivate positive participation.
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