Unit 8 Terms

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Unit 8 Terms for review.

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when a nation buys more goods and services from a country, than it sells to them. Trade Deficit
Mostly Arab and Muslim countries who used the sale of their oil as an economic weapon against the U.S in 1973, protesting the U.S's support of Israel during the 1973 war between the Israelite and the Arabs OPEC
The area between a city and the country Suburbs
a federal agency set up by the government to protect the environment EPA
The political scandal that led to Nixon's resignation Watergate
actions such as boycotts, taken against a country in hopes of bringing about a change Economic Sanctions
1986 space shuttle exploded ninety seconds after taking off. Challenger Explosion
Many people wanted a law passed that would limit government spending Balanced Budget Amendment
Many people wanted a law to limit how many times a Senator or Congressman could be elected Term Limits
designed to slowly do away with trade barriers between the US, Canada, and Mexico NAFTA
Kuwait liberated, Iraq subjected to inspections for chemical and biological weapons Results of the Persian Gulf War
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