The Tale of Two Cities

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A deck of flashcards with character analysis' on "The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens".

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Dr. Alexander Manette A doctor who was imprisoned in Bastille for 18 years. He is nursed back to health by daughter, Lucie. He tries to save Charles from the guillotine by using his influence as French "hero".
Lucie Darnay (Manette) A kind young woman who cares deeply for her father, Alexander. She marries Charles and has daughter with him. Sidney is in love her her, although she doesn't return his affections.
Charles Darnay (St. Evrémonde) A born French aristocrat as heir to the St. Evrémonde fortune and the title of Marquis. He resents old ways and moved to England, where he meets and falls in love with Lucie. He almost dies for his ancestor's mistakes.
Sydney Carton An Englishman who is nearly identical to Charles. He serves as Charles's lawyer during his trial in England. He sacrifices himself for Charles because of his love for Lucie. “For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything."
Mr. Jarvis Lorry An English banker and loyal friend to the Manette/Darney family. He helps them escape Paris.
Ernest Defarge The owner of a wine-shop in Paris. He is the leader of the Jacquerie, and leads the riots.
Madame Thérèse Defarge A brash woman driven insane by her vengeance. She knits a death list of aristocrats and all their wrongdoings.
Miss Pross Lucie's caretaker and nursemaid. She kills Madame Defarge when she comes for Lucie and her child.
Jerry Cruncher Works in Teller's Bank, and is Jerry Lorry's bodyguard. He is a grave man that discovers Barsad's missing body.
Mrs. Cruncher A faithful woman that is condemned by her husband for praying to God. She is against his grave robbing.
Young Jerry Cruncher Jerry's son, who shares his attitude and courage. He helps his father at Tellson's Bank.
C.J. Stryver A lawyer that is present during Charles first trial in England. He wishes briefly to marry Lucie.
John Barsad An English spy, that switches sides to become a spy for revolutionary France. Miss Pross's brother.
Marquis St. Evrémonde Charles's uncle-a cruel, heartless man who believes in the old ways. He feels no guilt in what he did to the Defarges.
Théophile Gabelle Loyal servant to the St. Evrémonde family. His letter for help sends Charles to Paris.
Gaspard A peasant that murders Marquis St. Evrémonde, as revenge for the Marquis riding his carriage over his son.
Young Lucie Darnay Lucie and Charles's daughter. She is threatened to be killed by Madame Defarge.
A Seamstress A young woman who meets Sidney on her way to the guillotine. They fall in love.
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