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What does ARPAnet stand for? Advanced Research Projects Agency network
The _____, or IP, method of transferring data formed the basis for the worldwide network of networks called the internet Internet Protocol
The driving reason behind the internet was to keep communication open among sites. To accomplish interconnected communication, an application was devised, and _____ was born Electronic Mail E-mail
_____ (FTP) became a standard that all computers connected to the internet use to transfer data File Transfer Protocol
To this day, colleges are the best resources for _____ (original programming language) for any programming field Source code
Programmers developed an application that could find or program on a remote FTP server without having the end user slowly searching from server to server. The programmers named their utility _____ (derived from archive) Archie
Computer scientists created an indexing system to search for files on the internet. They called the new system _____, because it would "go for" data Gopher
The user searches a word, and the utility searches the internet and displays a series of _____, files that the utility found to have sufficient similarities with the search word to be worth looking at. Hits
The user searches a word, and the utility searches the internet and displays a series of hits, files that the utility found to have sufficient similarities with the search word to be worth looking at. The utility was called _____ Veronica
The basic document of the Web is called a _____ web page
When you click on a _____ (usually text that's underlined in a bright color or graphic), data on another computer is transferred to your local computer hot spot
Besides the internet, there are smaller groups of computers connected to each other. These small groups are _____, or LAN's Local area networks
When information is transferred to one LAN computer to another using Internet protocols, the LAN is called a _____ Intranet
The program you run to navigate the web is called a _____ Browser
A browser displays all the text, graphics, and multimedia special effects and makes sure that when you click on a _____ you'll be connected to the correct information Link or hotspot
The _____ has the basic information that you want an initial page to have. It serves both as a welcome page and an index of the pages included in the website; needs to grab the users attention and get them to keep looking home page
The _____ is usually smaller then the main header Subheader
The main ____ of the document; contains information usually in photograph format Body
_____ are used to attract a user to the document Graphics
A variety of _____ take the user further into the document Links/Hotspots
The layout of a document is is designed by _____, or HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTML lets the online publisher start with a text document and add format commands to it. These commands are called _____, and when the page is loaded into the browser, they are translated and style attributes such as italic, bold, and justification are revealed Tags
Most tags have two parts; the _____ and the _____. First element Second element
The _____ element simply starts the tag, while the _____ element finished the tag First Second
The second element is sometimes called the _____ element Terminating
The first tag seen is the HTML tag. This tag opens the document. The rest of the document will be _____, or contained, within the starting and the and ending tags Nested
Adobe Flash uses a programming language called _____ that allows Web developers to write code to create this exciting interactive experience for the web and beyond Actionscript
XHTML, _____, is a reformulation of HTML 4.0, the most current version of HTML, used on the Web Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
_____, SGML, is an application that allows you to publish the same information in several different formats - in print, on the Web or on a DVD Standard General Markup Language
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