digestive systems functions

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digestion (definition) the break down of large insoluble food molecules into small soluble food molecules
what is peristalsis? squeezing action of muscles that is used to move food along the gut
what is the function of the stomach? muscular bag which contracts in both directions to churn food
what does churning in the stomach help to do? physically break down and mixes it with gastric juices released by stomach lining
what happens in the small intestine? amylase breaks down starch into sugar
where is amylase produced? salivary gland pancreas small intestine
what does protease enzyme do? breaks down proteins into amino acids
protease enzyme is produced in the stomach pancreas small intestine
what does the enzyme lipase do? breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol
where is lipase produced? pancreas small intestine
what does bile do? neutralise acid from the stomach (acidic) and makes the small intestine alkaline
where is bile produced and stored? liver stored in gall bladder
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