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Proper names of bones and relatable descriptions of their location.

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Frontal Bone Front/Forward Skull Plate
Parietal Bone Side/Back Skull Plate
Temporal Bone Temples/Lower Side Skull Plate
Occipital Bone Bottom/Back of Skull Plate
Occipital Protuberance Bump at back of head
Zygomatic Process Outer Eye Connection
Zygomatic Bone Cheekbones
Zygomatic Arch Side Cheekbone Connection
Maxilla Above Upper Teeth
Mandibula Jawbone
Clavicle Collarbone
Scapula Shoulder Blade
Ribs 10 pairs attached, 2 unattached
Sturnum Front Rib Connection
Illiac Crest/Illiac Bones Upper Pelvis Crests
Ischium Lower Pelvis Loops
Sacrum Fused Vertibrae
Coccyx End of Tailbone
Humerus Upper Arm
Ulna Lower Arm/Bigger at Elbow
Radius Lower Arm/Connects to Thumb
Carpus Wrist
Metacarpus Flat of Hand/Palm
Phalanges Fingers/Toes
Anatomical Center Just Below Pelvis
Femur Thigh
Patella Kneecap
Tibia Larger/Front Shin Bone
Fibula Smaller/Back Shin Bone
Tarsus Ankle
Metatarsus Flat of Foot
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