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Computer System A combination of hardware and software components that allow input, processing and output of data.
Hardware The physical components that make up a computer system.
Software The programs that run on a computer system.
Input Devices Hardware that accepts data into the computer. They take real world analogue data and convert it into a digital form that can be stored on a computer.
Output Device Hardware that presents the results of processing to the user or actuators that perform a task automatically. They use digital data from a computer and produce it in a form that is understandable or usable.
Storage Device Hardware that is used to store fi les long term and is non-volatile, such as hard disks,
Reliability How far you can depend on the computer system being available when you need it. Usually measured in terms of availability.
Availability The proportion of time that a system is operational, usually expressed as a percentage over a period of time. E.g. 95% measured over one year.
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure: a measure of availability often quoted by hardware manufacturers.
Redundancy Spare hardware components are built into a system so that, in the event of a component failing, the system can swap over to the spare one.
Disaster Recovery Where a company has plans to replace a system quickly if there is a catastrophe (fi re, fl ood, bomb etc). Designed to minimise the time the system is down.
Ethics Ensuring that computer systems are fair and morally correct
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