Types of systems

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A mind map on the different types of systems. Please rate and comment so I know haw to improve these resources for future use by other people, thanks :-)

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Types of systems
  1. Embedded
    1. A system inside another machine to do a specific task.
      1. Advantages
        1. Disadvantages
        2. Dedicated
          1. Designed to preform one task and only one task.
          2. Control
            1. Manages
              1. commands
                1. directs
                  1. regulates
                    1. Other devices
                      1. Can be multiple devices
                      2. Expert
                        1. A knowledge base
                          1. Facts or past results
                          2. An inferance engine
                            1. Software that makes judgements based on the knowledge base.
                            2. An interface
                              1. To allow human access to the system
                            3. Management information system
                              1. Brings together information from all over the organisasion.
                                1. Use to make informed decisions in large companies
                                  1. Produces a sheet called a report
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