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What is glucose form photosynthesis turned into? Starch
The raw materials/reactants for photosynthesis are ______ and _____ . Carbon Dioxide + Water carbon dioxide + water (light energy) -> glucose + oxygen
The sugar made by photosynthesis is _______ . Glucose
Photosynthesis needs ____ energy. Light energy is needs as shown in equation (Light energy is converted into chemical energy).
aerobic respiration What are the two reactants in aerobic respiration? glucose and oxygen glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water (+energy)
Which gas diffuses into leaves? Carbon Dioxide
What green substance is needed for photosynthesis? Chlorophyll
What does the chlorophyll do? Absorbs light from sun to make photosynthesis happen
What substance is used by plants and animals for respiration? Oxygen
rate of photosynthesis = ? rate of respiration
photosynthesis is faster than _____ in bright light. respiration
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