Book 6 Iliad

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Who is depicted as a great warrior killing Axylus, Dresus and Opheltius a the beginning of the book? Diomedes
Who has doubts about killing Adrestos after he pleads for mercy? MENELAUS
Who then killed Adrestos? Agamemnon
Who sends Hector back to the city, and why? HELENUS – He sends tells Hector to tell the older women to go to the temple of Athene. He fears Diomedes.
Which two warriors pause and what do they do at the end of the meeting? GLAUKOS & DIOMEDES - XENIA - they swap armour but Zeus is said to have robbed Glaucus of his wits in that he exchanged his golden armour for Diomedes' bronze armour
Whose story is told as an aside to this meeting? BELLEROPHON
Which three women does Hector meet in Ilium? HECABE, HELEN, ANDROMACHE
Who else does Hector see and what do they discuss? His brother Paris - they talk of him not fighting - cowardice
What does Andromache worry about? Andromache - she worries that she will be taken as a slave and that her son Astayanax will be orphaned - the fact that her family had been killed by Achilles
How does Astyanax react to his father and how does Hector deal with this? He is scared of his Father's horse hair plumed helmet - Hector reacts by laughing and then removing the helmet, putting it on the floor.
What epic simile is used to describe Paris? A runaway horse - described in an exultant way
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