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77042dc8-8ced-4057-9730-424276302904.jpg (image/jpg) Yellow: Additive: SPS--- Sodium Polyanetholsulfonate (poly-anethol-sulfonate) What additive does: Prevents the blood from clotting and stabilizes bacterial growth. Laboratory Uses: Blood and bodily fluid cultures
1a1299c8-3354-4cf6-93b9-37fda09fba46.jpg (image/jpg) Blood Cultures collected for Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) Additive: Culture Medium Aerobic collected first Anaerobic collected second Site must be cleaned 2 times, once with alcohol and once with iodine Collect 8-10 ml per bottle 3-4 ml per bottle for children Invert bottles 8-10 times
8b66b39b-2cb3-43d4-bc1a-1b125a54f6d5.jpg (image/jpg) Light Blue: Additive: Sodium Citrate (Fill tube completely for 9:1 ratio blood to Sodium Citrate, cannot collect capillary blood in this tube- venipuncture only.) What additive does: Removes calcium to prevent blood from clotting Laboratory uses: Coagulation (clotting process) Different testing: PT
3134eef2-7bec-492f-8483-5c1958596156.jpg (image/jpg) Additive: None What additive does: None Laboratory Uses: Serum testing; chemistry studies, blood bank, serology Different Testing: RH Typing, Antibody screening
d6258afb-2288-4025-8814-1dde60b3e292.jpg (image/jpg) Gold tube and tiger tops are drawn together either order. Additive: Polymer Gel and clot activator
6431c20d-3b95-4137-aecf-69eba41b06fa.jpg (image/jpg) Additive: None, but contains silica particles to enhance clot formation What additive does: speeds clotting process Laboratory Uses: Serum testing Different Testing: BMP, CMP, Lipid panel (cholesterol), CA125, HCG Quantitative, HIV, Iron, PSA, routine Electrolytes TSH Invert 5-6 times
c8f3d531-0fd6-49c3-89cb-7e3fc7d0fb5a.jpg (image/jpg) Dark Green Additive: Heparin(Sodium) What additive does: Inhibits thrombin formation to prevent clotting Laboratory uses: Chemistry Testing Stat Electrolyte levels (does not require clotting and spinning time) Different testing: Plasma determinations in chemistry Invert 8-10 times
9fc13fa2-905d-4c5b-9639-fd08ce7dd794.jpg (image/jpg) Light Green: Additive: Lithium Heparin and gel What additive does: Aids in the separation of plasma Laboratory uses: Plasma determinations in chemistry studies Invert 8-10 times
bcac5469-0eca-4ea6-a10c-03628117d14e.jpg (image/jpg) Marbled Green: Additive: Ammonium Heparin Laboratory uses: chemistry studies Invert 8-10 times
fba2068d-f566-4849-8783-cf2fa43285e6.jpg (image/jpg) Lavender: Additives: EDTA--- Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid( Ethylen-ediamine-tetra-acetic Acid) (say-it-slow ;) ) What additive does: Removes calcium preventing clotting of blood Laboratory uses: Hematology testing Different testing: ESR, CBC w/diff., HgBA1c Invert 8-10 times
dabd9e60-d981-4cdb-a389-fd9d0fce7fe6.jpg (image/jpg) Gray: Additives: Potassium oxalate and Sodium fluoride What additive does: Removes calcium preventing clotting, fluoride inhibits glycolysis Laboratory uses: Chemistry testing, especially glucose(sugar) and alcohol Different testing: Glucose, Blood Alcohol level (do not use alcohol to clean the site for alcohol testing and do not remove lid of tube or alcohol evaporates), GTT, Glucose fasting
205ac555-5ce7-40d4-bfe2-d7c02df435d2.jpg (image/jpg) Royal Blue: Additives: Sodium Heparin also Sodium EDTA What additive does: Inhibits Thrombin formation to prevent clotting Laboratory uses: Chemistry trace elements Different testing: Trace elements of metals such as Zinc, Copper, Lead and Mercury Invert 8-10 times
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