Muscular System

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Overview -Ability to contract -Body movement or any of its part -640 individual muscles together -40% of body mass
Ahí tan (en las fibras) Actin & Myosin Allow contraction
Abductor & Abbuctors Move away or close moving parts to a central axis *Mover radio y cubito*
Rotator Rotate a bone around a longitudinal axis
Elevator & Depressor Muscles Raise or lower one part of the body *Levantar la mano*
Sphincters & Dilators Close or open a body orifice
Flexors & Extensors Close or separate respectively 2 parts of a member *Flexionar rodilla*
Composed Striated muscle fibers --> ENDOMYSIUM (membrane of CoTi) FASCICLES (several fibers grouped in bundles) --> PERIMYSIUM (layer) Set of muscle bundles --> EPIMISIO (Sheath)
Tendon Connective tisue components of a muscle join to from it, whereby the muscle attaches to the bone APONEUROSIS: flattened tendons in wide muscles
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