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Sound: Pressure waves in the air that our ears are sensitive to (vibrations at frequencies between 20- 20,000 Hz), Waves are converted into electrical signals that we recognize as sound
Audio signals- have frequencies within the range of human hearing sensitivity
Microphones: Converting audio signals to electrical signals, I.E. Cell phones, hearing aids, etc.
Speakers: Converting electrical signals to audio signals, I.E. tweeter (small), mid- range (can reproduce most, except very low and very high frequencies), woofer/ subwoofer (large)
Power Amplifiers: Amplification of audio signals
Digital Compression: reduces the size of a digital word or bitstream so it may be transmitted faster or stored in a smaller memory, I.E. MP3/4 and AAC
Light- form of energy, comes from atoms, produced by plasma, heat, LEDs, visible electromagnetic waves
Resolution: Total number of pixels (in megapixels)- Number of pixel columns (width) x Number of pixel rows (height)
Digital images produced by charge- coupled devices (converting brightness to number of electrons to digital code), stored on flash- memory or HDDs, visible through image and video.
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