Fernanda França
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Fernanda França
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What's your/her/his name? It's Fernanda His name is Louis
Hi Fernanda, what's your full name? Fernanda Cavalcanti França
Hi, I'm Ferfa. It's a pleaser to meet you Hi Ferfa, I'm Josh. Nice to meet you!
Josh, let me introduce you to my sister Iasmin, she is so fun Hi, Iasmin. Glad to meet you!
Good Morning, Mommy. How are you? Daughert, I'm pretty fine, thanks. And you?
So so! I just wanna talk with you, see you later/around. Kisses Bye, my beautiful angel, take care/ so long!
Good Afternoon, bro. How are things with you? Afternoon, nan. Quite good, thanks, what about you?
Not bad! I want talk more with you, but I have to go now! Bye, kisses
Good Evening Boa noite When you say hi
Good Night When you say good bye
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