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4d83f987-de64-4662-a736-a75b5efe6390.jpg (image/jpg) The artist that I'm focusing on is Aaron Childree, Aaron has his own website which is 'www.aaronchildree.com'. The whole website is dedicated to Aaron and his music. This can be seen by the homepage of the website as first off, there is a massive picture of him, which follows the screen down when the user travels down the webpage.
6685de6e-2be7-4d46-aa92-1c507e2c70c1.png (image/png) On Aaron Childree's website homepage, there are social network icon hyperlinks which when clicked, will take the user to the specific social networking site and to Aaron Childree's specific page, allowing the user to follow him without having the search and waste time finding him.
These are a key part to any artist as when they are being followed, the public can find out what he is doing, i.e; stage he is at creating an album, any new tour dates and just general information about his daily life.I have circled the social networking icons as they are a vital part of the website but also the artist. I have also circled the hyperlinks in the taskbar (yellow), these take the user to the specific pages on the website. The first hyperlink is for the hompage, which just brings the user back to the screen that it is on. Tour is the next one, this allows Aaron to post any new and upcoming tour dates on, The earlier the tour dates are added the more ticket are likely to be sold.
The contact hyperlink allows Aaron to interact with his fans. They can enter their e-mail address and send Aaron a message regarding pretty much anything, whether they want to comment on a song/album or if they just want to leave a nice comment The contact page can sometimes be pointless (normally only for big artists) due to the fact the bigger the artist the less likely they are to reply. Smaller artists will like to interact with fans so that they can be given new ideas, but interaction will also increase their fans' respect, which could lead to an increased fanbase
The music hyperlink, is probably the most profitable for artists. This page has different sections on the page for the different albums, next to the the album cover there is another hyperlink (Buy album). This will take the user to the album in iTunes and allow the user to buy a digital download of the CD. Underneath the album cover there is a list of al of the songs on tha album. There are no hyperlinks next to the individual songs, however when in the iTunes store, the user can just buy a solitary song.
The video section of the website is lacking a description of the video however Aaron does have 5 or 6 videos on this section. One of the videos is one of his most popular songs which he has created a music video for. The other videos that are on the website are live performances and interviews on the radio and on the American talk show 'Orlando live'
The 'About' section is basically a limited section of information about Aaron, this includes a little bit of his childhood (where he grow up), Awards that his songs have won and why he plays music and where is has played. The About section is a great place to go if someone wants to learn about Aaron as much of the information on the page is relevant and educational about his career so far. There are more hyperlinks on this page to the websites homepage and Aaron's fcebook page.
At the side of each page on the website is a hyperlink to buy the album from iTunes. In terms of promotion of the band this is good as it gives the user more chances to see it, which is an advertisement, this could lead to the album getting an increased volume of sales. 60e8c600-b501-4907-acfd-c75c019c2b8c.png (image/png)
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