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What is the definition of Immunity? A state of being resistant to reinfection with a pathogen.
What are the effectors of the humoral immune system? Antibodies Immunoglobulin B Cells Complement
Which cells are lymphocytes? T-Cells
Antigens are recognised by what? T cells and B cells
Which classes of cell surface receptors/soluble molecules are directly encoded in the germline? T cell receptors B cell receptors Pathogen recognition receptors Antibodies
How do memory cells develop? T cells and B cells from the primary response persisit and beome reactivated.
Complement factors C5b + C6 + C7 + C8 make up a membrane attack complex which results in what? Cytolysis
What is opsonization? The coating of a bacterium with antibody to make it more susceptible to phagocytosis.
What processes can be activated by complement? Inflammation Opsonization Cytolysis
In the classical pathway of complement activation, complement attatches to what? An antigen - antibody complex.
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