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T or F: Behavior that is deemed deviant within one society an go unnoticed and accepted within another society True
What are components of a community? -The people spend most of their lives together. - They share common experiences and a feeling to belong to a "special kind" and live in a "special place." -They have boundaries that are maintained.
How and when is someone considered deviant in a community? When they move outside of the margins/boundary of the group.
T or F: Boundaries are never fixed and don't shift within a community. False
Essay Question: List two examples when someone moved out of their communities boundaries. 1. Susan B. Anthony when she stood up for women's rights. 2. The movie The Salem Witch Trails, when the girls practiced witch craft.
What are the four types of deviance typology? 1. Negative deviance 2. Rate busting 3. Deviance Admiration 4. Positive Deviance
How are the typologies referred to? 1. N.D : underconformity or nonconformity that is negatively evaluated 2. R.B : negatively appraised overconformity 3. D.A : underconformity or nonconformity that is favorably assessed 4. P.D: overconformity that is responded to in a confirmatory fashion
List examples of the typologies 1. Negative Deviance: criminals and drug users 2. Rate Busting: geeks 3. Deviance Admiration: rebellion 4. Positive Deviance: Susan. B. Anthony
How is the most common norm defined? A belief shared to some extent by members of a social unit as to what conduct ought to be in particular situations or circumstances.
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