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Bases Sodium Hydroxide (alkaline)=coven cleanes, Ammonia=cleaning Sodium Carbonate=soda
Arrhenious Base a substance that dissociates in aqueous solution, forming hydroxide ions OH-
Arrhenius Acid a substance that dissociates in aqueous solution, forming hydrogen ions H+
Acids household: vinegar= ethanoic acid lemon juice= citric acid Sulfuric acid- car battery Nitric acid
Bronsted -Lowry base is a proton acceptor.
Bronsted- Lowry acid is a proton donor
Neutralisation is the reaction between an acid and a base to give a salt and water.
Strong acids Fully dissociate in H2O(water) ie. almost every molecule breaks up to give a H+ ion. Conduct electricity- there are no ions present in a pure acid.
Strong Base Fully dissociates with H2O (water) giving OH-
Mono basic acids are ones that only donate one ion in solution. Di basic and Tri basic give two and three respectively.
Ion atom or molecule in which number of protons and electrons is unequal, carries negative or positive electric charge.
Limitations to Arrhenius Theory is limited to acid-base reactions that take place in water. Does not explain how certain substances can be amphoteric.
An amphoteric substance is one which can react as an acid with a base and as a base with an acid. (water)
A conjugate acid is formed when a proton (H+) is added to a Bronster-Lowry base.
A conjugate base is formed when a proton (H+) is removed form a Bronsted-Lowry acid.
A conjugate acid-base pair is an acid base that differ by the presence or absence of a proton.(H+)hydrogen ion.
Uses of neutralisation Lime (calcium hydroxide) is a base used in agriculture to nautralise acidic soil. an antacid is taken which is a base that neutralises the excess acid in our stomachs.
Methyl Orange indicator Pink in acid yellow/orange in base
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