Redox Colour changes

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Colour Changes for the redox reactions in the internal

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Question Answer
Cu Brown solid
Cu2+ Blue ion
SO2 Colourless gas
SO4 2- Colourless ion
Mn 2+ Colourless ion
H+/MnO4 - Purple ion
H2O2 Colourless liquid
O2 Colourless gas
H2O Colourless liquid
Cr 3+ Blue/Green ion
Cr2O7 2- Orange ion
Fe 2+ Pale green ion
Fe 3+ Orange ion
Cl - Colourless ion
Cl2 Pale green gas
Br - Colourless ion
Br2 red/orange liquid
H2 Colourless gas
H + Colourless ion
MnO2 Brown precipitate
H2O/MnO4 - Purple ion
MnO4 2- Green ion
OH-/MnO4- Purple ion
I - Colourless ion
I2 (in I - = I3 -) Brown solution
IO3 - Colourless ion
H2S Colourless gas
S Yellow/White solid
Pb 2+ Colourless ion
PbO2 Brown solid
NO2 Brown gas
NO3 - Colourless ion
C2O4 2- Colourless ion
CO2 Colourless gas
S2O3 2- Colourless ion
S4O6 2- Colourless ion
Br2 red/orange liquid
BrO3 - Colourless ion
Turns blue/black with starch solution I2
Forms a white precipitate with acidified barium chloride solution SO4 2-
Forms a blood-red solution with potassium thiocynate solution Fe 3+
Turns damp starch-iodide paper blue/black Cl2