Anatomical terms to describe position

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Basic anatomical terms to describe position.

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Superior Above - towards the head/top of the body 32952fb2-b554-49c0-b67d-d4795fcd262e.jpg (image/jpg)
Posterior Back -Behind or 'at the rear' (same as Dorsal - towards the back of the torso) e902ef8e-3bb5-4772-a14c-a524936009c1.jpg (image/jpg)
Anterior Front 'at the front'. Same as 'Ventral - towards the front of the torsol'. 64b200f4-61e1-4c1c-a9b3-13f4addc6612.jpg (image/jpg)
Medial Towards the centre, or mid-line, of the body 68c864c1-01f0-43e3-85cb-aeee59510b5e.jpg (image/jpg)
Lateral Towards the outside, or away from the midline of the body. d8cfc0b6-f8e7-433f-8fd8-f69ebaede8ca.jpg (image/jpg)
Peripheral Towards the outer surface of the body
Inferior Below, or towards the bottom of the body f65e4c77-786b-4272-b95a-14f0ac2b08d3.jpg (image/jpg)
Superior Above, or towards the top of the body ce31e45c-be69-4b87-bdcd-77dd561c983f.jpg (image/jpg)
Proximal Towards the centre of the body (or another structure) 23f69624-fcb3-4740-a444-7c61975027bd.gif (image/gif)
Distal Away from the centre of the body (or another structure) 2b7b4f60-11f6-4f57-95c5-946f45992176.gif (image/gif)
Longitudinal (plane) Vertically, along the body 3cb0fb91-6539-4a26-ac22-9ea78c8e1017.jpg (image/jpg)
Transverse (plane) Horizontally, across the body 9c14a56a-0699-42f6-90b0-886482c04017.jpg (image/jpg)
Saggittal/Medial (plane) Towards the plane that divides the left and right sides of the body 2e2b0fb4-3313-4e4a-aa7d-9ae6f1a68256.jpg (image/jpg)
Coronal (frontal) plane Towards the plane that divides the front and back halves of the body b1fe1e9c-5951-4eaa-b3d7-6f8caf2001f5.jpg (image/jpg)
Palmar Towards the palm of the hand 79a7489a-a7cb-4acd-a417-ced77b7c92bf.jpg (image/jpg)
Plantar Towards the sole of the foot cd5a399f-dec3-4754-b0a6-eac594fe43ee.jpg (image/jpg)
Dorsal Towards the back (of the torso or other structure), back of the hand or top of the foot. 5a4ef59e-170c-4a9c-b698-cbdd25413486.jpg (image/jpg)
Axillary Towards the armpit b4eab29e-f83b-43a6-a31f-40463c0eba81.jpg (image/jpg)
Caudal Towards the buttocks b2e9de6a-c939-4c64-919e-3b065a83c564.jpg (image/jpg)
Cranial Towards the head (cranium) f08bd46c-8287-4191-816d-f0bc2edb2c6f.jpg (image/jpg)
Inguinal Towards the groin 9579d903-d7d4-4d68-b0df-6f8d64312844.jpg (image/jpg)