ATP and Respiration


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what is a simple equation for respiration? glucose+oxygen-> CO2+H20+energy
what is the purpose of respiration? to provide the organism/ cell with energy. respiration releases energy from substrates like glucose to produce ATP
what is ATP? adenosine triphosphate
what is the structure of ATP? what are the bonds? -3 phosphate groups (held together with high energy bonds) -ribose sugar (5 carbon compound) -adenine
what is adenosine, a feature of ATP made of? ribose sugar+adenine
what is ADP? adenosine diphosphate
what is the equation for ATP? ADP+phosphate+energy= ATP
what is the enzyme called in the ADP reaction? adenosinetryphosphatesynthetase
where does the energy used in the reaction to form ATP come from? energy is released from bonds in glucose and used to combine ADP+Pi (phosphate
How is energy released from ATP? Using ATPase (adenosinetriphosphatesynthetase) in a hydrolysis reaction
what is a hydrolysis reaction? a splitting reaction using water
how much energy is produced from one ATP? 30kj
what is energy produced from ATP used for? -muscle contraction -active transport -synthesis of proteins or DNA -nerve impulses and transmission
what is the universal energy currency of the cell that occurs in all organisms (prokaryote and eukaryote)? ATP
what is the effect of the ATP reaction happening in one step? -very fast -stays within the cell/ no movement -small package of energy therefore more efficient use of energy
define the two forms of respiration aerobic: requires the prescence of the oxygen and results in complete combustion of the glucose anaerobic: takes place when oxygen is not present
what happens to glucose in anaerobic respiration? it is not fully combusted therefore less ATP is formed
what is the product of anerobic respiration in mammals? lactic acid
what is the product of anaerobic respiration in yeast? ethanol and carbon dioxide
what is yeast? single-celled fungus
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