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Chapter 15-22

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moral entrepreneurs people involved in drawing on the power and resources of organizations, institutions, agencies, symbols, ideas, communication, and audiences.
Two facets of the deviance making enterprise rule-creating and rule-enforcing
two kinds of moral entrepreneurs Rule creators: politicians, crusading public figures, teachers, parents, school administrators, and CEOs of business organizations Rule Enforcers: police, courts, judges, RAs, parents
Goals for moral entrepreneurs 1. to generate broad awareness of a problem 2. rule creators must bring about a moral conversion, convincing other of their views 3. form alliances or coalitions to support their campaigns with different groups
The first and most significant drug scare over drink. True
7 ingredients common to drug scare 1. A Kernel of Truth 2. Media Magnification 3. Politico-Moral Entrepreneurs I 4. Professional Interest Group 5. Historical Context of Conflict 6. Linking a Form of Drug Use to a "Dangerous Class" 7. Scapegoating a Drug for a Wide Array of Public Problems
Deviance is not socially constructed. False
Moral entrepreneurs use their status to attach deviant labels to the behavior of others and also keep those in a subordinate status position. True
What are reasons that might cause an apparent social problem to abort before becoming a moral panic? 1. Lack of understanding. 2.Comprehensive official control of an issue.
Chasm between official expectations and the actual problem faced survives in consequence of what? Lack of media, the invisibility of the problem, and preemption by other causes and interest groups.
Factors conducive to the creation of panic conditions 1. agencies and interest groups 2. story must be comprehensible 3. overt and accessible 4. narrative 5.visual portrayal 6. outcome 7. previous expectations and knowledge
Girls are more likely than boys to experience juvenile justice interventions for relatively minor offenses. True
Black women crime victims are more likely than white women to receive police assistance False, they are less likely
Why do young women challenge officers who are believed to conduct themselves improperly? Because they believe such challenges will not be met with physical aggression.
Two prevailing themes related to the presence of the lesbian stereotype in women's sport 1. silence surrounding the issue of lesbianism in women's sport 2. athletes internalization of societal stereotypes concerning lesbians and women athletes.
Silence was manifested in several ways: 1.athletes difficulty in discussing lesbian topic 2. viewing lesbianism as a personal and irrelevant issue 3. disguising athletic identity to avoid lesbian label 4. team difficulty in addressing lesbian issue 5. administrative difficulty in addressing lesbian issue
There is a persistent effect on employment opportunities. True
Labels are applied base on patterns of behaviors. false, they are applied based on status
What are the surface variables that explain the day-to-day operations of the police? visibility, demeanor, and bias
elements of the "protective cloak" status, altruism, and autonomy
What are kickbacks? payments from one party to another in exchange for referred business or other income-producing deals
Types of medical kickback fee splitting and self-referrals
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