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an author's pen name pseudonym
having first letters or sounds alike alliterative
sentence that states central idea of paragraph topic sentence
involves sounds made and syllables accented pronunciation
form of humorous verse, usually five lines limerick
two or more sentences joined by a comma comma splice
suggested, not stated implied
logical progression of facts or ideas sequence
in order of time or occurance chronological
author's name is unknown or not given anonymous
True/False? In the English language each letter of the alphabet has only one sound false
True/False? When you read aloud from the Bible, you should be able to pronounce all of the words correctly true
True/False? When you read silently, whether you can pronounce the words correctly does not matter false
True/False? Edward Lear's name is often associated with the limerick true
True/False? "Tongue twisters" are not only fun, but they are also a helpful aid to correct pronunciation true
True/False? "Nonsense" literature is especially associated with the English language true
True/False? The same word will be pronounced the same way, regardless of its meaning or part of speech false
True/False? Adding many irrelevant facts to a paragraph makes it ore interesting false
True/False? A word that is commonly mispronounced is frequently misspelled as well true
True/False? Scattering exclamation marks through your writing makes it more exciting false
fragment incomplete
function purpose
interrogation question
auxillary helping
climax highest point
anecdote short, lively story
persuade win over to belief
flaw fault or defect
irrelevant not to the point
coined invented
The pseudonym of Charles L. Dodgson is ________________ Lewis Carroll
An imperative sentence may be punctuated by _________, __________, and ___________ period exclamation mark question mark
The topic sentence is usually the first sentence in a __________ paragraph. deductive
A form of humorous verse, probably named after a city in Ireland, is the __________ limerick
Lines that repeat the same first letter or sound are _________ alliterative
Lines that have the same ending sounds rhyme
Lines with a strong beat or accent have rhythm
When the author's name is not known or given, the written item is anonymous
The most serious and most common sentence errors are (Hint: there are 3) fragments run-ons comma splices
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