food french year 8


basic language key words all to do with food
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it is good for your health c'est bon pour la sante
ce ne bon pour la sante it is not good for your health
the partative du is...... male
the female partative is... de la
de'l is used when... the starting letter is a vowle
drinks boissons
matieres grasses fatty products
milk is a dairy product du lait es product laiters
some eggs des oeufs
du jambon some ham
meat de la vainde
la nanana pinapple
yoghurt youart
de la confiture jam
it was c'etait
c'est it is
ce serait it would be
how to make a past tense sentence? 1-pronoun 2-j'ai [have bit] 3-verb to past tense
everyday tous les jours
beaucomp a lot
often souvent
sometimes quelquefois
temps de temps from time to time
never jamais
je peux i can
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