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chromosomes chromosome are highly coiled and condensed chromatin fibres.
chromosome was first studied by walther flaming
chromatin fibres consists of dna & histones
building block of genetic material Dna
what is dna composed of Dna is composed of 2 complementary strands wound around each other in a double helix
What are strands made up of? The strands are made up of deoxyribose sugar (pentose sugar) and phosphate group
How are the 2 strands linked nitrogenous base pair
what are the types of nitrogenous base pairs adenine guanine thymine cytosine
what are the pairings between the types of nitrogenous bases 1) Adenine and Thymine only pair with each other with 2 hydrogen bonds 2) Guanine and Cytosine only pair with each other with 3 hydrogen bond
Repeating Dna molecule Nucleotide base pair
Repeating Dna molecule in a strand Nucleotide
what are histones Histones are the proteins that helps in coiling and packaging of DNA structure into structural units called nucleosome.
what happens when a dna is coiled forms chromatin
what happens when the chromatin highly condenses forms chromosome but only during cell division
Location of centromere It is a region where the chromosomal arms are attached.
Function of centromere It helps in the attaching chromosome to the spindle fibre during cell division
Define genes genes are specific squences of nucleotide on a chromosome , that encodes some particular proteins which express in the form of some paricular feature of the body.
Function of genes these are the heridity units whcih are transformed from parent to off springs.
what are the needs for new cell 1) growth 2) reproduction 3)repair 4)replacement
What is Dna Dna is the polymer of nucleotide base pairs.
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