the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union 2010

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treaty going back through several iterations to the treaty of rome, contains.... .... detail of the structure and operation of the EU
Art 2: when the Treaties confer on the Union exclusive competence in a specific area only the Union may legislate and adopt legally binding acts (member states may do so if empowered, or to implement)
Art 3: specifies in what areas the Union shall have exclusive competence
according to Art 3 in wwhat areas does the the UNION have exclusive competence? (5) 1-customs union 2- competition rules necessary for functioning of fully internal market 3-monetary policy for Eurozone 4-conservation of marine biological resources under the common fisheries policy 5- common commercial policy
according to Art 3 in wwhat one other area does the the UNION have exclusive competence? exclusive competence for the conclusion of int agreement when conlusion provided for in a legislative act of the union , or necessary for union to enact internal competence or in so far as conclusion may affect common rules or alter their scope
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