Biology Chapter 1

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evolution, characteristics of life, organization, The cell, Ecosystems

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Evolution results in ..? Adaptations
Properties of Life R- Reproduction O- Order G- Growth and Development R- Regulation E- Environmental Adaptation R- Response to the Environment E- Energy Processing
Unicellular One Cell
Multi-cellular Multiple Cells (Us)
Highly Complex Structure that Simplifies Life Order
The ability of organisms to reproduce Reproduction
Consistent growth and development controlled by inherited DNA Growth and Development
the use of chemical energy to power an organism's activities and chemical reactions. Energy Processing
An ability to control an organism's internal environment within limits to sustain life. Regulation
An ability to respond to environmental stimuli Respond to the environment
ability to evolve over generations in response to the environment. Environmental Adaptation
Hierarchy of Organization- big Biosphere Ecosystem Community Population
Hierarchy of Organization- Organism Organism Organ System Organ Tissue
Hierarchy of Organization- Cell Cell Organelle Molecule
A Cell The Basic Unit of Life
Separates a cell from the outside enviroment Membrane
Types of Cells: No Nucleus Prokaryotic
Types of Cells: True Nucleus Eukaryotic
The entire "library" of genetic information. Genome
How many types of building blocks in DNA? 4
Taxonomy The branch of biology that names and classifies species
3 Types of Domains Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya
The Most diverse and widespread prokaryotes Bacteria
Prokaryotes that often live in Earth's extreme environments Archaea
Eukaryotic cells that include single celled protists and multi cellular fungi, animals, and plants Eukarya
Darwin's Book On the origin of the species by Means of Natural Selection
Darwin's 2 observations 1. Individual Variation 2. Overproduction of Offspring
Darwin's 2 inferences 1.Unequal Reproductive Success 2. Accumulation of favorable Traits over Time
Qualitative Data descriptive
Quantitative Data Numerical Measurements
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