Module 1.1.1 Introduction to aromatic chemistry

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Question Answer
What are Arenes? Aromatic hydrocarbons containing one or more benzene rings.
Explain the term "Aromatic" It originally referred to pleasant smells, but now it implies a particular sort of de-localised bonding
What is a benzene molecule? A ring of six carbon atoms, each of which are bonded to one hydrogen atom. There are 3 double bonds.
Molecular formula of benzene? C6H6
How does benzene look? bc864fd6-f4ea-4555-9c6a-e13d0c89475c.jpg (image/jpg)
Do aromatic copounds have a smell? Explain: Early scietists thought so. As science has developed we realise it has nothing to do with this. In fact aspirin has no odour but its structure contains a benzene ring.
What raw materials are arenes formed from? Crude oil, coal, volcanoes, forest fires, petrol, cigarette smoke.
What can benzene be used to make? Detergents,explosives, pharmaceuticals and dyestuffs.
What features of benzene are? Colourless liquid, sweet odour, carcinogen (cancer-causing), flammable.
What can Benzene cause? Cancer as it is carcinogenic, it can also cause leukaemia or anaemia.
Why did scientists decide that benzene should be structured as a ring? They originally thought that it was straight, with many double bonds, but it was quite unreactive to consider to be highly unreactive. Didn't take part in most reactions like alkenes.