Systems and Models

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Question Answer
System An assemblage of parts, working together, forming a functioning whole.
Model Reflecting a real object with a replica
Holism Properties are useless when they are on their own without the dynamic
Reductionism To make parts smaller to understand the whole
Input Something goes into process with the flow
Output Something goes out of the process with the flow
Storage Energy or/and matter
Process Transfer/Transformation
Transfer Movement has no energy/matter exchange
Transformation Movement has energy/matter exchange
Open System Balanced Has energy/matter as an input and output
Closed System Has only energy as an input and output
Isolated System Has nothing as an input or output
Equilibrium Balance in system
Dynamic Equilibrium Stable equilibrium that started to have fluctuates
Steady State An equilibrium wit the fluctuations with support of negative feedback
Positive Feedback A reaction of response that encourages the system act in the same direction of the disturbance
Negative Feedback A reaction of response that encourages the system act in the opposite direction of the disturbance
Quantitative model Models that gives idea of something's quantities
Quality Model Models that gives idea of quality