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Display advertising and Landing Page Optimization

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Question Answer
What does the Google Display Ad Planner tell an advertiser? How many clicks his ad will get
Compared to a typical online ad campaign, remarketing campaigns typically have.. Lower CTR and higher conversion rates
Single-product landing pages should include Product images, call to action, links and info about other products
What should go in the upper fold of a lead-generation landing page? Extensive content
Define the upper fold of the landing page The top section of the website that includes the navigation menu tabs
If a company advertises on the keyword discounted android tablet, which type of landing page would be best for this ad? Single-product landing page
A trust symbol is An icon provided by the site owner that must be on the shopping cart page
When trying to increase the number of leads received from a lead-generation landing page, which of the following is NOT a best practice? Position the form in the upper fold of the landing page
Lowering the shopping cart abandonment rate is a reliable way to improve conversion rates. What actions is most likely to decrease shopping cart abandonment? Require users to pay with Paypal rather than credit card