Advertising Techniques

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Bandwagon Effect The bandwagon effect is a propaganda technique that suggests one should do something because everyone else is doing it.
Testimonials A person's personal experience with a product. If that person is a celebrity, you may be even more likely to buy a product that he/she is promoting.
Fear In advertisements, speeches or even newspaper articles we see that writers and speakers appeal to their audience's sense of fear. If you can make people scared, they will believe or buy anything.
Problem/Benefit If you can convince someone that they have a problem, you can sell them a solution.
Shock Advertising If an advertisement is controversial, then it gains free publicity through the press and on blogs even though this kind of publicity can be negative. Shock advertising leads to brand awareness and an eventual rise in sales.
Humor When an advertisement makes us laugh, we are perhaps more likely to remember it.
Anti-Advertising An anti-ad draws your attention to and make you aware of the convention of advertising. In effect anti-ads seems to tell the audience that they are smart enough to see through the tricks played by advertisers. Not only does an anti-ad break the rules of advertising, it shows you how and why they have done this.
Conflict Including a conflict situation in an ad helps sell a product or an idea.
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