Inorganic Chemistry - Biology

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Quantitate Information info that a. can be measured b. usually includes numbers
Qualitative Information information that is a. descriptive b. does not include numbers
Atoms basic unit of matter
Elements consist of only one type of atom
Nucleus holds protons/neutrons
Proton positive located in the nucleus
Neutron no charge, Neutral
Electron negatively charged, located outside the nucleus
Energy Levels 1st level - holds 2 2nd level - holds 8 3rd level - holds 8
Valence Electrons The electrons in the outermost energy level
Atomic Number - the identity of an element - the number of protons equals the atomic number - number of protons is also equal to the number of electrons
Atomic Mass (AKA: Mass Number) number of protons plus the number of neutrons
Bonding Goal: to get the outer energy level filled
Ionic Bond A transfer of electrons
Ions atoms wit an excessive positive or negative charge
Covalent Bond Sharing of electrons
Hydrogen Bond Occurs between two - NOT within them Occurs between hydrogen and some other type of atom Weaker then ionic and covalent bonds
What happens when atoms bond? Molecules are formed
Molecular Formula Letters and Numbers (H2O, CO2)
Structural Formula shows the arrangment of atoms
What is the job of pH? tells you how acidic/basic a sollution
What is a buffer? Chemical that minimizes the change in pH
What is measured when you're measuring pH? The amount of hydrogen ions
What happens when Hydrogen Ions increase when measuring pH? pH goes down
What happens when number of hydrogen ions decreases when measuring pH? pH goes up
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