GCSE Geography Command Words

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Command words that appear in the GCSE Geography course

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Identify / State / Name Recall or select one or more pieces of information.
Define State the meaning of a term.
Calculate Produce a numerical answer, showing relevant working.
Draw / Plot Create a graphical representation of geographical information.
Label Add a label/labels to a given resource, graphic or image.
Describe Give an account of the main characteristics of something or the steps in a process. Statements in the response should be developed but do not need to include a justification or reason.
Compare Find the similarities and differences of two elements given in a question. Each response must relate to both elements, and must include a statement of their similarity/difference.
Explain Provide a reasoned explanation of how or why something occurs. An explanation requires a justification/exemplification of a point. questions will require the use of annotated diagrams to support explanation
Suggest Apply understanding to provide a reasoned explanation of how or why something may occur. A suggested explanation requires a justification/exemplification of a point.
Examine Break something down into individual components/processes and say how each one individually contributes to the question’s theme/topic and how the components/processes work together and interrelate.
Asses Use evidence to determine the relative significance of something. Give consideration to all factors and identify which are the most important.
Discuss Explore the strengths and weaknesses of different sides of an issue/question. Investigate the issue by reasoning or argument.
Evaluate Measure the value or success of something and ultimately provide a substantiated judgement/conclusion. Review information and then bring it together to form a conclusion, drawing on evidence such as strengths, weaknesses, alternatives and relevant data.
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