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Rocks and minerals

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Define Ore A rock that contains a mineral that can be extracted (mined for profit)
What are 3 characteristics of a gem? Rare, valuable, and hardness (5.5+)
Define silicates Group of rock forming minerals that contain the elements silicon and oxygen. (MOST COMMON GROUP)
What is one way a mineral forms? Solution: dissolved minerals are in a liquid that evaporates. (hot or cool) Example: Halite; Gold
What are the 5 characteristics of minerals? 1. Naturally occurring: Not man made 2. Inorganic: Not living nor ever was 3. Solid: Not a liquid or a gas; unchanging shape and volume 4. Crystalline Structure: Pattern of atoms 5. Definite Chemical Composition: Unchanging recipe of elements
What is the most unreliable test to identify a mineral? Color
What are the 7 ways to identify a mineral? 1. Color 2. Cleavage and fracture 3. Density 4. Hardness 5. Streak 6. Luster 7. Special properties
Why is color un reliable? Color; Not reliable; Many minerals are the same color; some minerals come in a variety of colors
Define cleavage and fracture The way a mineral breaks Smooth- Cleavage Jagged- Fracture
Define Density Mass/Volume **VERY RELIABLE** 1- Mass + weigh it 2- Volume + water displacement
Define Hardness A minerals resistance to being scratched 10- Diamond (hardest) 1- Talc (softest) Fingernail= 2.5 Penny= 3.5 Iron nail= 4.5 Glass= 5.5 RANGE: (0-2.5) (5.5 or 5.5+-10)
Define Streak The color of the mineral in powder form; Use a streak plate
Define Luster It's direclty related to chemical composition of minerals; How light interacts with a mineral; Examples: Metallic, waxy, wavy, dull, glassy
What is one way a mineral forms? Magma/lava cooling: Crystal size: amount of time and space Small= fast cooling with large space or small space; slow cooling with small space Large= Lots of time to cool AND lots of space
Define Special Properties TEXTURE, smell, conductivity, magnetism, reaction to acid, glows under a black light, TASTE
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