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definitions of key action words used in chemistry

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analyse interpret data to reach conclusions
annotate add brief notes to a diagram, drawing or graph
apply use an idea, equation, principle, theory, or law in a new situation
calculate find an answer using mathematical methods (show the work unless instructed not to do so)
compare give an account of similarities and differences between two or more terms, referring to both (all) of them throughout (comparisons can be given using a table).
construct represent or develop in graphical form
deduce reach a conclusion from the information given
define give the precise meaning of a word or phrase as concisely as possible
derive manipulate a mathematical equation to give a new equation or result
describe give a detailed account, including all the relevant information
design produce a plan, object, simulation or model
determine find the only possible answer
discuss give an account including, where possible, a range of arguments, assessments of the relative importance of various factors or comparisons of alternative hypotheses
distinguish give the differences between two or more different items
draw represent by means of pencil lines (add labels unless told not to do so)
estimate find an approximate value for an unknown quantity, based on the information provided and scientific knowledge.
evaluate assess the implications and limitations
explain give a clear account including causes, reasons, or mechanisms
identify find an answer from a number of possibilities
list give a sequence of names or other brief answers with no elaboration, each one clearly separated from the others
measure find a value for a quantity
outline give a brief account or summary (include essential information only)
predict give an expected result
solve obtain an answer using algebraic and/or numerical methods
state give a specific name, value or other brief answer (no supporting argument or calculation is necessary)
suggest propose a hypothesis or other possible answer
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