CJ Ch.1

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Criminal Justice Chapter 1

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Describe the American experience with crime during the last half century.
What noteworthy criminal incidents/activites occurred during that time, and what social and economic conditions might have published them?
What is the theme of this book?
According to the theme, what are the differences between the individual-rights perspective and the public-order perspective.
How can evidence-based strategies help to meet the goals of both individual-rights and public order advocates? The fundamental challenge facing the practice of American criminal justice is in achieving efficient and cost-effective enforcement of the laws while simultaneously recognizing and supporting the legal rights of suspects and the legitimate personal differences and prerogatives of individuals.
What is justice? The principle of fairness; the ideal of moral equity.
What aspects of justice does this chapter discuss?
Criminal justice ideals extend to protect the innocent, fair treatment of offenders, and fair play by justice administration agencies.
What are the main components of the criminal justice system?
How does the main components of the criminal justice system interrelate? A more realistic system approach to understanding criminal justice may be the nonsystem approach.
As a nonsystem, the criminal justice process is depicted as fragmented activity in which individuals and agencies have interests and goals.
List the stages of case processing that characterize the American system of criminal justice.
What is meant by the term Due Process of Law?
Where in the American legal system are guarantees of due process found? The ultimate goal of the criminal justice system in America is achieving crime control through due process.
What is it meant by the term evidence-based practice? They are crime-fighting strategies that have been scientifically tested and that are based on social science research.
What is the role of research in criminal justice? Scientific research has become a major element i the increasing professionalization of criminal justice.
How can research influence crime-control policy? There is a strong call today for the application of evidence-based practices in the justice field.
What is multiculturalism? Composed of a wide variety of racial and ethnic heritages, diverse religions, incongruous values, disparate traditions, and distinct languages.
What draws attention to variety along racial, ethnic, subcultural, generational, faith, economic, and gender lines.
What impact do multiculturalism and diversity have on the practice of criminal justice in contemporary American society? In the American society presents both challenges and opportunities for today’s justice practitioners.
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