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English vocab

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Teem To be full of; to swarm; to overflow
Pastoral Relating to shepards
Persona A character one adopts for a reason
Sophisticated Highly refined; complicated; worldly wise
Vicarious Acting on behalf of or representing someone else
Mood The prevailing emotional attitude in a work (literature)
Lyric A brief emotional poem expressing thought rather than telling a story
Diction Word choice and level of language in a work of literature
Colloquial Conversational; friendly; informal
Lofty Exalted in style, tone, or sentiment; superior
Ironic Containing meaning more complex than or even opposite to the literal meaning
Sarcastic Sneering; cutting; bitterly satirical or ironic
Glean To collect leftover grain; to gather laboriously, bit by bit
Nativity Birth
Morsel Small bit or portion of food
(BONUS): Clachan A village, a hamlet (word dating back to 15th century)
(BONUS): Stinkpot An earthen jar filled with fetid material
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