Ch. 3 Constitution

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Ch. 3 Vocab.

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Shays' Rebellion wake up call for the colonies; something had to be done about the A.O.C. or we could end up with anarchy (chaos)
Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation 1. the national Congress could make laws but it did NOT have the power to enforce its laws 2. the Congress could not TAX 3. No President, no national court system
Constitutional Convention 55 delegates met in Philadelphia from May 25th to Sept. 17th, 1787 original purpose was to REVISE the Articles of Confederation, instead they write a new constitution
Constitutional Convention George Washington was chosen to preside over the meeting.
Virginia Plan plan proposed by James Madison; called for 3 branches of government & a bicameral legislature; in both houses the # of representatives will be based on the state's population
New Jersey Plan an alternative plan to the Virginia Plan; called for a unicameral legislature; each state would have one vote.
Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan
Great Compromise aka the Connecticut Compromise proposed by Roger Sherman; created a bicameral Congress made up of the Senate (equal representation) & the House of Representatives (proportional representation)
3/5th Compromise allowed the government to count slaves as partial people, settling the dispute over counting slaves. Under this compromise, slaves were counted as three-fifths of a human being for the purpose of taxation and representation in Congress
Slave Trade Compromise stating that Congress could not prohibit the slave trade until 1808, but imported slaves could be taxed.
Article 7 says 9 of the 13 states had to ratify (approve) the Constitution before it went into effect
Bill of Rights 1st 10 amendments to the Constitution; ratified in 1791
Federalists Paper essays written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, & John Jay to support & defend the Constitution
First Amendment
Federalists group who supported ratification of the Constitution
Anti-Federalists group who was opposed to ratifying Constitution; because it did NOT include a Bill of Rights
The Preamble Introduction to the Constitution begins with We the People
6 Goals of the Preamble 1. to form a more perfect unon 2. establish justice 3. insure domestic tranquility 4. provide for the common defense 5. promote the general welfare 6. secure the blessings of liberty
separation of powers
legislative branch (make laws)
executive branch (enforces the laws)
judicial branch (interprets the laws)
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