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2e083cd1-573e-485f-8414-4f61425dc653.jpg (image/jpg) How does Ryan Gosling feel about the 27 Amendments?
First Amendment (R-A-P-P-S) 91192a54-9e2e-4b43-9d89-09efa1334e24.jpg (image/jpg)
Second Amendment Right to bear arms 60bd4527-32e3-4f03-b0f8-ca29f432b936.jpg (image/jpg)
Third Amendment ecb1fa51-7101-4d72-ad5f-1e695cfd3399.png (image/png) No quartering of soldiers in your homes during peacetime
Fourth Amendment 056ea0a7-2e9e-41ff-af96-b09bebc3db14.jpg (image/jpg) Protects against unreasonable searches and seizures by the police
Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent no double jeopardy indictment from Grand Jury eminent domain due process of law
3fb56ef9-0f8b-4b0d-b11c-6d39acefeac2.jpg (image/jpg) double jeopardy
b9dc03ab-4eaa-431b-bb6c-e389c623305b.png (image/png) eminent domain- the right of the government to take private land for public good
"I Plead the 5th" 348b166b-5bad-45a8-af95-914dcf14e5cc.jpg (image/jpg) 5th Amendment protects against self-incrimination (means you are the defendant you do NOT have to testify)
a0b27290-fe98-44e9-a308-65391a50c18b.jpg (image/jpg) Grand Jury (Grande means large) a group of 16-23 citizens that decides whether there is sufficient evidence to accuse someone of a crime Indictment-a formal charge
f1c76960-648d-4c83-888e-17bb8a2aff8f.jpg (image/jpg) Sixth Amendment; 1. Right to trial by jury 2. Speedy, public trial 3. Right to lawyer 4. Right to face witnesses against you
87468e60-bb1d-4e31-b0e8-7006ef5c809a.jpg (image/jpg) Seventh Amendment in a civil case if someone is suing another person for $20.00 or more they have right to have a jury trial
Eighth Amendment b08a1aec-a828-4d10-a524-3bd554a46d8a.jpg (image/jpg) 1. No cruel & unusual punishment 2. No excessive bail or fines
852d8e00-2a44-45e2-bd37-90e28043ecc6.gif (image/gif) People have other rights not in the Constitution
7af1473a-a14e-4dca-a8d1-0b193b893890.jpg (image/jpg) Tenth Amendment Powers not given the national govt. are "reserved" for the states
6bf70522-da9a-432b-a05d-130301e36611.jpg (image/jpg) Reserved powers are for the state governments
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