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Brand linked to the identification of a product and differentiation from its competitors ( logos, name design etc.)
Brand Architecture structure organizing the brand portfolio, while defining brand roles and brand relationships among the company brands
3 Brand Architectures 1. Monolithic Brand structure 2. Individually branded 3. Hybrid brands using corporate brands
Brand Audit asses health of the brand 1. Brand inventory 2. Brand exploratory
Brand community entity in which consumers interact socially with a brand
Brand culture organizational culture of the brand or brand as part of the broader landscape
Brand equity value of the brand 1) Strategic subjective 2) financial objective
Brand Essence Abstract idea/ summary what is the heart and soul of the brand
Brand Extensions extending brand into new product categories
Brand Genealogy a managerial mindset, brand manager uncovers brands history
Brand Icon exclusive elite of valuable brands
Brand Identity answers if brand is going to be consumed. expresses uniqueness and vision of the brand
Brand Image perception of brand by the consumer
Brand Loyalty how loyal customers are towards the brand
Brand personality brand with human-like personality
Brand Portfolio range of brands a company has in the market
Brand Positioning way brands are positioned in the minds of the consumer
Brand Relation Provides understanding how and why the brand is consumed
Brand Revitalization solution for an aging or declining brand
Brand strategy enhance external and internal opportunities of a brand - strategic, visionary and proactive
Brand Stretch brand is extended into new product categories( dont stretch to much so that brand essence is diluted)
Co-Branding two or more brands are combined in a joint product or brand
Corporate Brand corporation is branded
Employee branding process by which employees internalize the desired brand image and are motivated to project that image to customers
Living the brand end-goal in the process of engaging employees in the branding process
Product brand brand linked to product, each individual product has its own brand
Service brand brands selling services, employee communicator of the brand
Viral branding consumer help or take over the marketing of the brand
Two brand paradigms 1. Positivistic point of departure 2. Constructivistic/ interpretive nature
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