Study Guide Mid-Term

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A study guide for mid term in AS198

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Accept Personal responsibility Discover self-motivation Master self-management Employ Interdependence Successful Student
Gain self-awareness Adopt lifelong learning Develop emotional intelligence Believe in themselves Successful student
Struggling Students Victims no motivation no time management wants no help
Struggling Students unaware of choices rather not learn new things always upset or angry feels as though unable to reach goals
Three Principles of Deep and Lasting Learning 1. Prior Knowledge anything that was learned before that we use
2. Quality of Processing having or thinking of numerous, varied deep strategies for processing 3. Quantity of Processing doing something more often over a period of time instead of all at one time
The CORE Learning System CORE stands for Collect Organize Rehearse Evaluate
Collect: everyday we collect useful data Organize: making sense of the information we collected Making notes or charts
Rehearse: Practicing what we learned Evaluate: Check to see if you know what the information is and how it works for you
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