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DVD's or computers were allowed in the house Passive voice: You are talking about a general truth.
Today, 93% of teenagers in the USA are online Present Simple: Its a fact.
Maushart and her family surived six months without any digital divices Past simple: An action that starts and stops in the past.
However Linking words: It contrasts information.
She said it had changed the way they ate, slept, make friends, fought, planned, and played Reported Speech: Someone is saying what she said.
They Were using several electronic devices Past Continuous: Verb to be + ing
It had altered everything about her family life Past Perfect: Expresses the idea that something occurred before another action in the past.
What will you fing most difficult about the week? We would find more difficult the comunication with clasemates for projects.
What, if anything, will you enjoy about having no electronic devices? We would do parashooting and travle the world with someone special or friends.
What will you do in your free time, without a phone/TV/MP3 player/Internet/DVD's/computer/video games? We would hang out with friends and interact with the family and comunicate with people by talking and nit behaind a screen.
How will you keep in contact with your friends? Letters, and plan plans at school if your friends that you hang out with are from your school. It would be really difficult to keep contact with all of your friends.
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