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The family WENT back to using computers... PAST SIMPLE Finished action in the past
A third said they WERE USING several electronic devices... PAST CONTINUOUS An unfinished action in the past
But one thing HAD CHANGED... PAST PERFECT An action that happened in a time before the past; time is not mention
...60% HAVE their own computer PRESENT SIMPLE Fact
She SAID it had changed the way they... REPORTED SPEECH Repeat the words someone else said
No digital devices WERE ALLOWED in the house... PASSIVE We don´t know the subject so we emphasise the action
HOWEVER, they got used to their new way of life... LINKING WORDS Create a contrast
What will you find most difficult about the week? The thing I would find most difficult would be not being able to communicate with my friends.
What, if anything, will you enjoy about having no electronic devices? I would enjoy spending more time talking and being with my family.
What will you do in your free time, without a phone/TV/MP3/Internet/DVD/Computer? I would probably go outside with my friends.
How will you keep in contact with your friends? I would not be able to keep in contact with the people whom I see everyday.
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