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Question Answer
System software manages the resources and activities of the computer.
Application software applies the computer to a specific task for an end user, such as processing an order or generating a mailing list.
Data management software organizes, manages, and processes business data concerned with inventory, customers, and vendors.
Legacy systems are generally older transaction processing systems created for older computers that continue to be used to avoid the high cost of replacing or redesigning them.
workstation Desktop computer with powerful graphics and mathematical capabilities and the ability to perform several complicated tasks at once.
server Computer specifically optimized to provide software and other resources to other computers over a network.
A mainframe is a large- capacity, high- performance computer that can process large amounts of data very rapidly.
A supercomputer is a specially designed and more sophisticated computer that is used for tasks requiring extremely rapid and complex calculations with thousands of variables, millions of measurements, and thousands of equations.
grid computing Applying the resources of many computers in a network to a single problem.(Or: a distributed network of computers)
distributed processing The use of multiple computers linked by a communica-tions network for processing
Centralized processing all processing is accomplished by one large central computer, is much less common.
client/ server computing A model for computing that splits processing between clients and servers on a network, assigning functions to the machine most able to perform the function.
Web server Software that manages requests for Web pages on the computer where they are stored and that delivers the page to the user's computer.
application server Software that handles all application operations between browser- based computers and a company's back- end business applications or databases.